If you answer yes to any of these questions, know that YOU’RE NOT ALONE…

  • Do you  worry about different things, do you feel tense, and are easily irritable? Do you sometimes have difficulties falling asleep?
  • Do you sometimes feel that your heart is racing and are you afraid that something bad will happen?
  • Do you sometimes feel that your mind starts to go crazy and you feel like you lose control?
  • Do you ever avoid certain places or people in order to avoid being afraid and being forced to relive so extremely unpleasant condition?

If one of these things is true for you, your problem has a solutionBy using the latest techniques and effective cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, I can help you transform fear, worry or anxiety in a state of confidence, control and peace.

You are not alone … Fear and anxiety are the most common emotional problems that people experience.  43% of EU population suffers from an anxiety problem. The good thing is that people who seek and receive targeted treatment for anxiety problems heal themselves at a high success rate.

Studies show that in time these problems get worse, they do not “go away“.. Letting time pass is useless, and it doesn’t lead to anything good.  For seven years, I have been helping people to regain their peace, confidence and to build a life they enjoy.

I know that emotional problems are sensitive issues about which many of us find it difficult to talk, because we are ashamed or because we fear we might be misunderstood or judged.  Also, I know that psychotherapy is a new form of treatment that many people haven’t experienced and therefore are reluctant to choose it.

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