2003-2006: “Babes-Bolyai University, Department of Psychology Center of Expert and Educational Sciences, Cluj-Napoca, ;

2006-present: Marius-Nasta Lung Institute, Psychological Coordinator of the National Program for Tobacco Control “Stop Smoking”, psychological counseling for quitting smoking ; ;

2007-present: Private Practice – MIND INSTITUTE.


Psihoterapeut NARM – competenta în tratamentul traumelor de dezvoltare, autorizat de Narm Training Institute, USA

NARM PSYCHOTHERAPIST – competence in the psychological treatment of developmental trauma, Narm Training Institute.EMDR Psychotherapist – comptence inthe psychological treatment of sock and developmental trauma,Romanian Societyof EMDR

Clinical Psychologist and Superviser for clinical Psychologists, licensed by the College of Psychologists, Romania,

Organization and Work Psychologist, licensed by the College of Psychologists, Romania.

Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapist, licensed by the College of Psychologists, Romania.


2017-2019: NARM Training Institute, USA, Psychotherapist developmental trauma-Neuro-Affective Relational Model.

2019-2020: Neuro-Affective Touch Institute, USA, Psychotherapistearly developmental trauma – body work based psychotherapy.

2017: EMDR, Romanian Society of EMDR, Psychotherapist sock and developmental trauma EYE MOVEMENT AND DESENSITIVIZATION AND REPROCESSING.

2005-2008: International Institute for Advanced Studies in Psychotherapy and Applied Mental Health, Cluj-Napoca, Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapist, Cognitive psychology, psycho-diagnosis and assessment, cognitive- behavioral intervention.

2003-2004: M.A. Degree “Gender. Differences.  Inequalities, European Studies Department,” Babes-Bolyai University, Gender Expert. Gender differences, gender history, gender policies, gender-related health and education.

2003 M.A. Degree: “Health Psychology and Health Education, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal, Clinical Psychologist – Health Psychology. Psychological intervention applied to the medical filed.

2002-2003: M.A. Degree: “Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy, Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences,” Babes-Bolyai University, Psychological Counseling.Counseling, ethics, statistics and research.

1998-2002: Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences, “Babes-Bolyai University, Psychologist Clinical psychology, organizational psychology, social psychology, legal psychology, workplace psychology, health psychology, psycho-diagnosis and clinical evaluation.