If you answer yes to any of these questions, know that YOU’RE NOT ALONE

  • Are you afraid to do things that seemed easy before?  Do you avoid traveling by public transportation or by car? Do you avoid crowded places or cinemas?  Are you afraid that something bad might happen if you go there? 
  • Do you not feel safe if you’re alone and there is nobody accompanying you?
  • Do you feel like everyone is looking at you and evaluating you? 
  • Do you feel that almost nothing is working for you? Do you lack energy? Do you feel tired and often prefer to do nothing?

Each of us has moments when we struggle with suffering: we experience intense and difficult emotions, dark thoughts, and painful memories, unwanted or intolerable sensations. We think about them, we worry about them, anticipate them, we are scared of them and wonder if we will ever be the same as before…

Many people go through moments of anxiety and depression in different periods of their lives. For seven years, I have been helping people to regain their peace, confidence, and to build a life they enjoy.

Most people who have problems with anxiety and depression wait too much to ask for help, hoping that things will get better and problems will go away.  Studies show that in time these problems get worse, and they NOT “go away” and that letting time pass is useless, it doesn’t lead to anything good.

I can help you make the changes you need, learn things that can help you during these moments, in order to be your old self, to enjoy life, not be afraid, to look forward with confidence, not with fear, to build a life you enjoy living.

I know that emotional problems are sensitive issues, about which many of us find it difficult to talk, because we are ashamed or because we fear we might be misunderstood or judged.  Also, I know that psychotherapy is a new form of treatment that many people have not experienced and therefore are reluctant to choose.

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