If you answer yes to any of these questions know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE… 

  • Do you sometimes feel that you can’t concentrate and that you can’t work as you used to?
  • Do you sometimes feel unmotivated or not in the mood to do things that you were doing easily before?
  • Have you been crying more or “suddenly” lately?
  • Are you more irritable or do you get angry easily?
  • Do you feel tired and are there sometimes few things that help you feel better?
  • Do you feel that your relationship with the people your are close to is difficult and it doesn’t give you the satisfaction you need?

If one of these things is true for you, your problem has a solution. There is no need to suffer alone or the get through it alone. I can help you regain peace, satisfaction and hope, using the latest cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy methods, very efficient and scientifically tested.

You are not alone: about 20% of EU population suffers from depression, and the number is growing. The World Health Organization estimates that by 2020, depression will be the most frequent disease. Depression will be surpassing cardiovascular diseases that are now on the first place.  People with depression can be treated, if they turn to specialized support, such as cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. 

People suffering from depression blame themselves for everything that happens and they do not think that they are suffering from a disease. As a result, they don’t think that they have a problem which has a solution and don’t seek help.  Studies show that with in time depression gets worse, it does not “go away”. Letting time pass is useless and leads to nothing good.  For seven years, I have been helping people to regain peace, hope and to build a life they enjoy.

I know that emotional problems are sensitive issues about which many of us find it difficult to talk, because we are ashamed or because we fear we might be misunderstood or judged.  Also, I know that psychotherapy is a new form of treatment that many people have not experienced and therefore are reluctant to choose.

That’s why we offer you a RISK FREE session of psychotherapy:

  • It is free;
  • It is totally confidential;
  • It doesn’t involve any commitment on your part.

There is no risk if you make an appointment: CALL NOW at  0742173822 or write me an email: and say “I saw on the site: RISK FREE” to qualify for a free session. 

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